Friday, March 24, 2006

Arthur Winston is 100 years old. He retired on his birthday after 72 years of employment with the City of Los Angeles. In all that time, he took 1 sick day, to take care of things after his wife died. He does not expect to lie around in retirement, though. He said he would find work to do and keep busy, because lying around would kill him for sure. What a guy. Lots of people could take him as an example. Instead, lots of people think work is an evil to be endured. God gave us work. He gave Adam work to do before sin existed, having stewardship over the Garden and the animals. In effect, Adam was initially in charge of ruling the earth for God. Certainly, work became harder after sin entered the world. Everything became harder. Still, man is made to work. When he doesn’t work, he gets into trouble. Mr. Winston stayed out of trouble for 72 years and plans to continue. God bless him.
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