Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Fort Worth Star Telegram carried an article this week about a survey that shows some 90 percent of Americans believe in angels. That must set guys like Richard Dawkins off in a tail spin. It just shows that men and women are spiritual beings at some level. They instinctively look for the spiritual side of life, and angels are part of that. Many feel they have encountered an angel. My wife does, for example.

The forces seeking to stamp Christianity out of American life were in full power in 2006. The media attacked from every angle, including books, movies, documentary tv shows and magazine articles. Prominent atheists were featured in many formats. Fundamentalist Evolutionists shouted from every forum. The end result? Ninety percent of Americans believe in angels.

Maybe the enemy should be quiet. Apathy might be a better tool.

Yes, by the way, I believe angels exist, the creation of God, serving him as he directs.
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