Tuesday, December 26, 2006


I hope you enjoyed Christmas. It's over. I took the last kid to the airport at 5:30 this morning. The other two were out before Christmas Day was over. Wow. My head is spinning.

We celebrated on Christmas Eve this year so the Seminary Daughter could attend Christmas with her in-laws. We had a good time. All 3 daughters were here plus the new son-in-law. My brother and his family came, as well as my mother and her husband. We had a great meal and millions of presents. All in all, a good time.

The Seminary Daughter did really well in the marriage thing. Not only is the son-in-law fun to have around, his parents own a book store and gave me 4 books for Christmas. Be still my heart.

Took off early this morning to return to their new home in Seminary Town. The Baby went with them to visit for a few days. She'll return just in time to catch a plane for another trip, this time to a conference.

The Oldest called me from the Big Apple by mid-morning to tell me she had arrived safely and that it was warmer there than here in Cowtown. That seems unfair, somehow. The good news is it creates a wonderful excuse to lounge around in sweats all day. So, I am.

The Little Woman had to work last night, so she is sleeping. I've been watching Pretender on DVDs, having received the second season for a present. The Baby let me borrow her lap top, but I'm not sure how long the batter will last, and I cannot find the part of the power cord that goes from the charger to the wall. I feel so incomplete.

I may have to look in her room again for it. I'm afraid, though. Last time I fell and was buried under a semester's worth of dirty clothes and was barely able to climb out.

Well, more later. I'm going to investigate this "new blogger" thing. Maybe it is one that does not disappear for days and keep you from blogging.
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