Friday, January 26, 2007

I'm not the only one skeptical of the global warming craze. Governor Rick Perry said today there's a lack of scientific consensus on whether human activity causes climate change. Perry does not want the state at a competitive disadvantage due to regulation that is not warranted. The last thing I read said cows put out much more gas than humans, and the increase in cattle was likely more harmful than an increase in cars. More support for the eat more chicken campaign.

One big problem no one talks much about is how short the time frame of measurement is. We have only been recording temperatures for 100 years. Since the very people who decry global warming claim the earth is millions of years old, how can you know this is not part of a normal cycle? Even for the period we have recorded temperatures, we know there have been warmer and cooler cycles.

We need more information before we take drastic actions. Sometimes the remedy causes more damage than the problem.
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