Wednesday, September 17, 2008


If you do not subscribe to John Stott’s daily email, you should. Here is today’s:

In saying that saving faith includes obedience, I mean that in true faith there is an element of submission. Faith is directed towards a Person. It is in fact a complete commitment to this Person involving not only an acceptance of what is offered but a humble surrender to what is or may be demanded. The bent knee is as much a part of saving faith as the open hand. --From 'Must Christ be Lord and Savior?' "Eternity" (September 1959), p. 17.

You can subscribe by going to the website for Langham Partnership International. Scroll down and look for the boxes on the right. His daily Bible study is also worth taking if you have time to read it. They take parts of his published commentaries on Bible Books and break them up into tasty bite sized pieces. I subscribe to both.
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