Wednesday, October 01, 2008


A while back Joanna at Grace In The Home "tagged" me. If I remember right, I am supposed to give some random facts about myself and the tag 6 other people. I don't remember how many facts it was, and most facts about myself are random and many people think I am a bit random.

I think I am just smarter than them.

It helps me cope, ok?

Ok, first fact. I lived in 10 different towns before graduating from high school. No, my father was not a grifter.

Fact #2. My maternal ancestors came to Texas before it was a state and fought in the war of independence from Mexico.

Fact #3. I published a poem in England this year.

Fact #4. The pastor who lead me to the Lord wore two toned shoes.

Fact #5. I have read the Lord of the Rings trilogy 6 times.

I do not think I know 6 people who blog, but here are some:

David Heddle at He Lives.

Lindsey Lewis at The Lewisi.

Mark Byron.

Rebecca at Rebecca Writes.
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