Tuesday, February 16, 2010


It is not every day that a well known father and son make the news at the same time. And, as is typical in Southern Baptist life, it is not a good thing. Ed Young Sr. is in the blogging news for his sermon on America's tax system. Now, why in the world you would devote pulpit time to the tax system is beyond me. If he heard someone taking pulit time to promote Obama, he would be furious. They only thing he should say about the tax system is "render unto Caesar".

But, he may have been hoping to reform the tax system for the benefit of his son, Ed Young Jr. Junior carries on dad's legacy of pastoring really large churches. Junior is in the news, the MSM type of news, for his lavish lifestyle of big houses and fancy cars.

Men love to build empires, don't they. Some do it in churches.
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