Monday, March 26, 2012


My wife and I are in Houston to help out our youngest daughter with her new born. Sunday morning, I managed to get out for church. I have read the blog of Dan Phillips for years. It is called Biblical Christianity. Dan recently left California to become pastor of Copperfield Bible Church. The church is close to my daughter's house. I contacted Dan via Facebook and told him I was coming.

So, I attended his new church Sunday morning and had a worshipful experience. We sang hymns I did not know but were good, let robustly by an Asian member of the church. Dan preached about the church from Ephesians 3 and other passages.

It is always good to be reminded that the church is not that building we worship in, despite the fact we call it that. The church is the assembly of God's people. So, whether I worship in the building with which I am familiar in Fort Worth, or the little building on Highway 529 in Houston, I am with the church.

You can read Dan's blog at We disagree on the Dispensation thing, but agree on most everything else theological.
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