Sunday, June 10, 2012


In Jeremiah 6:8, the Lord urged Israel to repent.  If they would not repent, he would "turn from them in disgust".  We often speak of discipline or punishment from the Lord for those who do not obey him.  That would be the case for Israel at that point in time.  But, aside from invasions and plagues, this little phrase should strike terror into our hearts.

For, one thing God may do is simply turn from us in disgust.  He may move on to work elsewhere.  There are many countries in the world where Christianity has basically died.  Empty churches abound.  You see these in Europe and in Asia.

When I visited Boston, that home of the old Puritans, I was struck with the number of empty churches.  There were churches everywhere.  But no Christians to attend them.

David understood this.  In Psalm 51:11, he cried out to the Lord "do not take your Holy Spirit from me"! He knew life without the presence of God would be unbearable.

Let us not be complacent when there seems to be no wrath poured out from God when we know our nation or our church is disobedient or cold toward the Lord.  For it may mean he has decided to turn from us in disgust. 
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