Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I think one of the by products of well meaning devotional books is the concept of a quick devotion. I'm sure the idea is, people are busy, I'll make something they can fit in. Even the godly Stephen Olford wrote a tract about having a quiet time in 7 minutes. In contrast, I read an article the other day where the man claimed you could not have a stable spiritual life if you spent less than one hour in prayer. 

The busyness of Americans has also led to another phenomena, praying while doing something else. I've asked around about when people pray and have heard they pray while running, showering, driving etc. The common denominator is they pray while doing something else. It is fine to pray while doing something else, but is it fine for that to be your main prayer time: that is, not time devoted solely to God, but time devoted to something else that we let God in on. 

I've heard pastors say "prayerlessness" is the biggest spiritual problem. They may be right. Certainly it is easier to be worldly when we have not spent a lot of time with God. Having convicted myself, I'm off to pray now.  
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