Monday, March 03, 2014

The Book of Numbers

I just started reading the Book of Numbers as I read the Bible through in a year. Numbers is the story of Israel's journey through the wilderness to Canaan, the land God has given them.

The New Testament compares Israel's journey through the wilderness to the Christian life. Both start with redemption and continue through trial to reach the promised land. God provides everything needed for the trip. His people must trust him or they will fail him. Pretenders to faith will fall away, not reaching the promised land.

All along the way, God dwells in the midst of his people and goes with them. In the O.T., by dwelling in the Tabernacle that stayed in the middle of the camp. In the N.T., actually dwelling in the believer himself and being present in the meeting of the congregation. Judah is already the largest tribe, foreshadowing the day when a descendant will be king of the largest tribe ever, and the ultimate kingdom, of which we are now subjects.

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