Thursday, July 31, 2003

God did give us sexuality. He told Adam and Eve to multiply. He said a man and wife should cleave together and become one flesh. But, clearly, the Bible shows sexuality can be perverted by humans. The Old Testament shows many examples of this. And the law of the Old Testament gives long lists of sexual conduct that is prohibited. Guess what is one of them.

Alarminly, Paul portrays homosexuality as God giving the depraved over to their own devices. It makes it sound like the bottom of the barrel, as if you don't get there until you otherwise have lost your way completely. It is ironic, then, that Robinson and others could claim to have a real relationship with God, who himself views that lifestyle as depraved.

Of course, the church is full of sinners. But, sinners who are converted and transformed by the power of God are supposed to put off the old self of sin and put on the righteousness of God. To be a bishop, a leader of believers, one must live an exemplary life. And he should be doctrinally sound. Robinson is neither, and revels in it, as does some of his flock, who brag about him.

The Episcopal church must decide what it will be. Will it be the Corinthian church, bragging about its broad mindedness, tolerating a man living in open and notorious sin? Paul condemned it. God will condemn it again.
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