Monday, July 28, 2003

Okay, it's official. Canada has moved into the number 3 spot, behind only Germany and France, as nations who have become utterly stupid and should not be allowed to address the outside world. Canada is considering legislation that will brand the Bible as hate literature because it opposes homosexuality. The Koran is ok, however, as it only advocates killing Christians and Jews, not criticizing people who like to have sex with their own gender. Meanwhile, protesters in Montreal vandalized a McDonalds to protest globalization. Here is a thought, if you don't like globalization, what business is it of yours if Malaysia wants a McDonalds? Why should Canadians get to say who gets to eat a Big Mac?

The erstwhile protestors also gratuitously damaged a BMW parked on the street. I couldn't quite figure that out. Was it that they thought the owner was a Globalist? Or because the car was German? Or, because it was there? What if the car was owned by a fellow antil-Globalization guy? Then you hurt your own. Is this all because there are lots of French people in Canada?

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