Wednesday, July 30, 2003

The Spammer is still at it. If only the Texas Democrat Senators worked this hard. I thought maybe Wortec, the Spammer, had fallen down on the job, as I only had 140 e-mail from them when I left for the day. But, they worked hard into the night. So, guess what, we have a new record! They sent a total of 219 e-mails to me yesterday advertising DVD Magick Pro. I think the record might fall again today, though, because they are starting out strongly. By 9:45 am I already had 101 e-mails.

I just has a thought. What if it is secretly the Democratic Senators who are sending the e-mails. I mean, what else do they have to do? They are sitting up in a hotel in New Mexico eating huevos rancheros and drinking coffee. They're probably bored, right. They probably have a state issued lap top and their in the lobby madly e-mailing their critics. Probably also inviting lobbyists to come up and buy them lunch. It's gotta be hard buying your own lunch when you aren't used to it. The hotel staff told the paper the way they knew the Senators were there were they saw all these people walking around with their hand out.
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