Monday, February 09, 2004

Anna Nicole Smith is on Larry King Live talking about her dramatic weight loss. The secret? She takes pills. The American answer to anything. Now she is only taking 2 pills per day to maintain. She said the pills keep her from getting hungry. She was having a hard time remembering what she ate today.

The funny thing is, she said the only side effect is having a lot of energy and she does not like it. She would rather sleep late and lie in bed (she said lay, but whatever).

Why am I watching ANS on Larry King? I'm waiting for the Baby to call me to come get her from choir practice and the Mavericks are playing embarassingly. I just saw 7-6 Sean Bradley get his shot blocked by a guy a foot shorter than him. He is so bad, the Mormons should disown him.

The Little Woman is up at the hospital with her mother. The M-I-L has a condition she does not take care of, and is on her second trip to the emergency room with it in the last several months.

By the way, don't tell anyone I told you, but the Little Woman has the Big 5-0 on March 1.
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