Wednesday, February 18, 2004

GREAT THINGS HAPPENING IN THE WORLD OF LAW, PART II. A police officer was fired for lying to his supervisors. He sued for wrongful discharge. The police department has an "Honesty Directive". The directive required officers to be truthful and forthright at all times. That is certainly something the public likes from its police officers. The officer claimed, first of all, that the word "forthright" was too vague. He also claimed that he had a constitutional right to lie. The Third Circuit showed great common sense. The court found that "forthright" was not too vague and there is no constitutional value in lies.

I know some people feel they have the right to try any approach to win. But seriously folks. Is that what you really want to advocate for our society? If everyone has a constitutional right to lie, the justice system fails. If policemen may lie with impunity, we are all in jeopardy. This police department and this city is better off without this guy.
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