Friday, March 19, 2004

KERRY'S FOREIGN SUPPORT. Although Kerry seems to have lied about his foreign support, he is getting it now. First, the decidedly anti-semitic Malaysians support him. Then, the Socialists in Spain endorsed him. If only Bin Laden will, he will practically have the triple play.

The Malaysians I can understand. President Bush leads a small group of nations with the intelligence and courage to stand and resist the Arab\Islamic attack on the West. In addition, he supports the right of Israel and the Jewish people to exist. The Malaysians, along with most other Arabs and Muslims, surely would rejoice to see him removed so that they can proceed with their onslaught.

The Spanish are a bit more complicated. The Leftist government is not philosophically aligned with our President, but it is hard to see how a bunch of Socialists would find common ground with a rich New Englander. They probably believe Kerry would run from danger and conflict as swiftly as they, as impossible as that seems, and they would not be confronted with abandoning a strong ally for fear of angering an already implacable foe.

The French would probably endorse Kerry also, except they know if would probably kill his chances of election.
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