Tuesday, May 25, 2004

BAPTIST POLITICS. The Baptist General Convention of Texas will not allow Southern Baptist Convention seminaries to exhibit at the annual convention. That includes the local seminary, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Mr. Rogers says "can you say PETTY?"

Preachers are amateurs in the political game, compared to lawyers. They are clumsy and obvious when they think they are devious. But, what they lack in skill, they make up for in zeal and blood lust.

I tried to warn a preacher friend of mine some time ago as he went off to the BGCT thinking he could make a difference. I told him, preachers and lawyers will both stab you. But lawyers will let you see the knife. Preachers hide it in their Bibles. He came back bloody as a friend and mentor he had previously defended set him up for humiliation in front of the whole convention.

I used to refrain from criticizing these guys in public, to not hamper the cause, so to speak. But, since they insist on bending over and dropping their trousers in public, why should I stand behind them and try to block the view?

So, here's to you, BGCT, you have shown your naked back side to the public again. Now, I guess the SBC will have to decide how to respond. I can hardly wait.

I guess I should not complain. It is hard being a schismatic, but the professionals in the Catholic Church area abusing children and trying to cover it up. So, what is a fellow to do?
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