Thursday, January 17, 2008

Andrew Sullivan whining about Mike Huckabee and Christian Reconstructionists. Sullivan is a homosexual. Huckabee says homosexuality is wrong. That should not surprise Sullivan; after all, Huckabee is a former Southern Baptist preacher. Southern Baptists generally believe what the Bible says is true. The Bible says homosexuality is wrong.

Sullivan also says his “marriage to my husband is a gateway to legalized and protected relationships between humans and animals. Thanks, Mike!” The fact is, people from pedophiles to polygamists are using the court decisions favoring homosexuals to further their agendas also. So, sniff in superiority all you like, Mike is right.

Sullivan’s last hysteria is reserved for Christian Reconstructionists. He says they “are genuinely Taliban-Christianists”. I have to admit this kind of language is offensive in its over kill. In today’s debates, everyone who thinks they are persecuted says they are victims of the Holocaust. It cheapens and degrades the word, used for the slaughter of 6 million Jews by some guy who has a hang nail. The same comes from the Taliban slur. Everyone who actually believes in something, especially something conservative, is a Taliban. You hear this especially from homosexuals. The fact is, there are zero reports of Christian Reconstructionists who have invaded countries, forced women to wear sheets or engaged in mass killings. It is just a hysterical mind using overblown language to put down someone whose values include those we held in this country since its beginning, and in Christendom for centuries.

Sullivan concludes his post with “I think of Huckabee as almost a comic vindication for those of us who have worried about the rise and rise of unopposed Christianism in the GOP. Except he's not a joke. He could actually win this thing.” That is because there are a lot of people who want to keep the traditional values that made America great and that are in keeping with Christian tradition. Even if he wins, don’t look for Christian Reconstructionists or other conservatives to invade the Castro District and slaughter homosexuals. Sorry, Andrew, there won’t be a Taliban, there won’t be a Holocaust against homosexuals. Just more overblown rhetoric.
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