Sunday, January 04, 2009


Yes, I know it is a few days late, but I'm not really very good at special occasions. Plus, my computer got hit by a trojan and virus. I managed to get a laptop hooked up to the cable connection until I get the desktop computer fixed. Anyway.

2009 sounds like a really big number. I was born in 1951. I usually do not feel old, but 2009 sounds like a long way from 1951.

My prayer for you is a blessed and peaceful new year. It has the potential to be a rocky one for many people.

The Palestinians, for example, are celebrating the new year by taking it on the chin from the Israelis. Who knew they would get that riled up about firing some rockets into their country every day for months?

Then, there is that President Elect guy. He is poised to be sucked under by scandal and controversy before he gets to move into the White House. He is, of course, from Illinois, and specifically Chicago, likely number one on most folks' list of poltically corrupt places. It is ironic that he could run as the agent of political change from the location of the most old fashioned political machine in the country. Only Americans could fall for something like that. Didn't someone say people got the leader they deserved?

So, first he picks a chief of staff that is the ultimate pit bull. All this nice and transformational talk, then we hire a hit man to be our chief assistant? Hmmm.

Then, the governor of his state gets indicted and Obama's people are all in orbit around him. Time will tell if Obama gets sucked in. We know the main stream media will not pursue it. They are on vacation now that Bush is on his way back to Dallas.

Now, Bill Richardson is having to decline his selection for secretary of commerce due to corruption charges.

Will he make it? Will he get sucked into the vortex and drown? Stay tuned for Adventures in Obamaland.

Then, those car makers groveled enough to get their money from the government. You know, often there are unintended consequences. All this bail out must cost tax dollars, and may lead to tax increases, which means you have less money to spend on, you guessed it, CARS!!

More still: Democratic congressmen are under scrutiny: Dodd, Rangel.

It will be an interesting year. That is, like the Chinese curse: may you live in interesting times.

Happy New Year. Have fun.
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