Tuesday, July 28, 2009


As more and more people study the healthcare reform package, more and more people find out they do not like it. One group that does not like it is senior citizens.

James Carville's Democracy Corps is a firm that does public opinion polls. You know Carville as the liberal Democrat campaign manager and pundit. Knowing who he is, you know there is no “conservative bias” in the poll.

The poll found that 54 percent of senior citizens oppose the healthcare reform legislation. Further, 40 percent oppose it "strongly."

The reason Seniors oppose the plan is that it moves the government’s expenditure on health care from the elderly to the young. The President wants to provide full and free healthcare to 43 million uninsured Americans. That costs a great deal of money. To raise that money, the President wants to cut the Medicare and Medicaid programs by $500 billion. This will be devastating to the more than one-third of senior citizens who depend on those two programs for their healthcare.

You may have noticed over the last few years the development of euthanasia and assisted suicide as societal benefit measures. That is, kill or assist the suicide of those who are no longer “productive” in society. Think of Hitler with the Jews and others he did not think were a benefit to society, and replace them with the old and sick. The Netherlands engages in similar programs for the elderly and many have considered it.

The President intends to appoint a panel of experts to decide who gets health care and how much. This is based on the British model. So, if you need heart surgery to survive, but the panel of experts decides you are not worth it, you get to die for your country.
The President has candidly stated that the panel would closely examine the chronically ill and the aged because they consume 80 percent of the total health care resources.
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