Wednesday, July 07, 2004

THOUGHT #2. We don't need Kerry's divorce records. Yes, I know the other side did a number on Mr. Ryan. We know he is divorced and that is enough. I would want to know if he beat his wife or was a drug addict, but I know that divorce records have lots of allegations made in anger. One part of America wants the records to see if they can find dirt on him. The other part wants them to revel in salacious details, if there are any. We should pass on both. There is much to write about in the election. Character is one thing. But, remember, his ex is on record saying she would vote for him.

Side note: remember how I wrote that Alec Baldwin was obviously stupid because he let Michelle Piefer get away. Well, ditto for Mr. Ryan, who let Jeri get away. She was the best looking Borg ever.
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