Wednesday, November 10, 2004

RELIGION OF PEACE UPDATE. "We have gathered here because our child is dead, murdered." So said Theo Van Gogh's mother at the funeral for the Dutch film maker who was killed by a Muslim in retribution for making a film criticizing the way Muslims treat women. Obviously, Mr. Muslim would rather be feared than liked or respected. The problem with retribution is that it often brings about more retribution. The normally peaceful Dutch have been defacing Muslim property, including the nailing of pigs heads to a few doors.

My sympathies to the Van Gogh family. What a tragedy to lose a family member to senseless murder. My encouragement to the Dutch people. Stand firm or learn to speak Arabic. There will never be enough appeasement to buy you peace, as this incident shows. At whatever point you speak out or resist, you will be attacked. So, you might as well draw the line here.
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