Wednesday, November 24, 2004

WHAT'S THE FREQUENCY KENNETH? Dan Rather is quittin'. Even a 24 year man can fall when he does something bad enough. Rather's faux pax in running a fraudulent story on the President and his National Guard duty was bad, bad, bad, but sending it to the Kerry campaign proves he is not fit to be a newsman. Maybe Kerry will hire him to prepare to run against Hillary in four more.

Rather is also the guy that walked off the show early one night to protest the fact that his show was delayed by a tennis match. He was, of course, way too important to wait. Even though he dropped to third place in news ratings behind Tom Brokaw and "Canadian" Pete Jennings. Losing to a Canadian is tough. Usually they don't fight. It's a French thing.

(The title of the post, by the way, comes from the words of the man who allegedly accosted Rather some years ago. R.E.M. made a song of it.)
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