Saturday, January 14, 2006

It is thought like this that makes me love John Piper. "I believe the entire universe exists to display the greatness of the glory of God's grace. And that grace shines most brightly in the suffering of God's son," said Dr. John Piper, addressing over 18,000 students attending the Passion '06 event. "God's design from the beginning was to display maximally his grace," Piper said, as thousands of students responded by saying "Amen" or clapping. "Everything is made to display the glory of the grace of God."

The one thing that could get me to move to Minneapolis would be the opportunity to hear John Piper preach every week. He has such a high view of God. It is inspiring. It is also something desparately needed by Southern Baptists, whose theology has become increasingly man centered and self help driven. Man centered theology cannot sustain itself, for only a high view of God and his glory can make you want to worhsip. You may appreciate a self help guru, but you do not worship him. You do worship the Sovereign God whose glory is displayed in the universe and who seeks worshippers in spirit and truth.

I also agree with Piper's take on the sacrifice of Christ. It displays both God's righteousness and grace.
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