Tuesday, May 13, 2008


You can watch the trailer here.

I can't wait. I love a hero. I especially love a hero with inner demons to conquer.

My idea of the perfect movie is a story of good guys and bad guys that are distinguishable. The good guys chase the bad guys, catch them and, well, kill them. In addition, hopefully, there will be car chases and explosions, or swords and horses, and maybe a maiden to rescue.

I think Christian Bale is a great Batman. He believes, he struggles, he suffers. He wins. Then, he realizes, it came with a cost. And there is more to be done.

Life is like that, isn't it? To accomplish something for the good, you have to suffer and bleed and struggle. Then you win and vanguish the bad. It is a good thing, but you realize you paid a price. Yet, someone had to do it and you were the one. A Japanese proverb says: who does the hard things? He who can.
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