Tuesday, September 01, 2009


but, seriously, how would YOU like to have an approval rating? "Today, Larry's approval rating fell to 45%. 45% of the people who know Larry do not approve of him or his performance."

It could be a little disheartening, couldn't it? Especially if the numbers kept going down? "Today Larry's approval numbers fell to a new low. Story at 10."

There could be an upside to this, though. Most of us gage the approval of others by ascertaining subtle signs. These can be really difficult.

For example, crossed arms may mean disapproval or rejection. They may also mean someone's arms are tired.

The baby smiling may mean he\she really likes you. It may mean he\she has gas.

You say, why are you frowning. They say, I'm not. You say "I guess your face just does that naturally." Then they frown for real.

You say "when is your baby due?" You wake up in the hospital.

Some signs are not so hard to ascertain.

Such as, you say "hello dear" and your spouse looks the other way. Low approval rating.

The dog doesn't even come to the door to greet you when you come home. Approval rating zero.

Your boss is interviewing applicants and you didn't know there was a job opening. Approval rating sub zero.

I don't worry a lot about approval ratings. I have adjusted to the public's response to my personality.

For example, at church I often get a strained look when someone asks how we can do something better and I tell them what the Bible says about it. I have come to learn that means "here he goes again". The good part is, I don't get asked to serve on task forces or committees any more. And no one says, I really want to know what you think about this.

My wife also has "the look". That occurs when I am talking, say at dinner with guests, and she feels I have gotten off the reservation. Such as when I used the term "brain fart" to the music minister at dinner.

This happens a lot when I am talking with or about her mother. Evey wife has "the look". I think there is training for it. Or maybe they learn it from their mothers. It is designed to make the intestines of husbands freeze solid.

My daughters even have been working on it. Now I can get "the look" from them if they don't like what I say.

The dog just goes back to his bed. He doesn't have "the look", but he is a male of sorts.

But, like the President, I just have to keep on going. I'm thinking of a bus tour.

I can think of several people who'd buy me a ticket.
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