Friday, June 04, 2004

DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO. You have to smile at the effort of the Pope to school the President on morality. I know he sees it as his job, but isn't there an element of, as my daddy used to say, the "pot calling the kettle black"? This guys's minions have sexually abused hundreds of children in the last few years. These were not enemy soldiers exposed to humiliation, but youngsters in their care and under their supposed protection. I wonder if he said it with a straight face.

Maybe there should be an investigation about how much the Pope knew about the abuse and the cover up. As we have a panel investigating how much the President, and past presidents, knew about the terror threat, I wish someone would investigate how much the Pope knew of the abuse and the reassignment of errant priests.

This is reason number 1,236 why I could never be president.

I would have asked.
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