Monday, June 21, 2004

ISRAEL AN THE U.N. Anne Bayefsky spoke today to a United Nations conference on anti-semitism. You can read the text of her speech here. The money quote: "The U. N. has become the leading global purveyor of anti-Semitism." It's a wonder she got out of there alive.

Israel has the distinct disadvantage at the U.N. of being the only Jewish nation in a body with a dozen or so Arab nations plus others with anti-Semite leanings.

The Israel\Palestine problem is also one of those incredible messes that no one can figure out how to solve. Great Britain deserves a lot of blame here as they pushed for both the re-constitution of the nation of Israel and the creation of Jordan as the Palestinian home, but did nothing to enforce them. Similarly, the United Nations created Israel by its decree in the face of Arab opposition and did nothing to enforce the decree, protect Israel, or address Arab concerns.

Some have suggested fencing off the area and letting the combatants fight to the death. That suggestion reminds me of a science fiction story I read long ago where men were put in a huge walled compound and fought to the death. Only the winner got to leave the compound. I guess we could put a pay phone on the fence, and the last nation standing could call out to the U.N. with the results and be recognized as the nation of the area.

But, wouldn't you think the United Nations could have come up with a plan now to help? Why have they not? Is it because, as Ms. Bayefsky believes, the U. N. really endorses the belief of Palestine, Syria and others that Israel must be destroyed and cannot exist as a nation? Or, is it just lack of will or incompetence?

Whatever the reason, the problem remains and seems worse than ever. You would think, as great a problem as it is, the great minds of the world could come together and fashion a solution. And enforce it.

I'm open to suggestions.
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