Friday, June 04, 2004

PAPAL DRESS CODE. The President meets the Pope. The Press Corps attends, despite their disdain for religion, because it purports to be news. The Vatican, ahem, has a dress code, boys and girls. I guess those sharply dressed cardinals have seen the average reporter. I know, around here, no matter how business like the dress of the participants, you are lucky if the reporter has on clothes that look like he only slept in them this week.

Men must wear dark suits and dark shoes. I gues it would be irreverent to wear a tan suit. I'm not sure why, as the Pope will no doubt be in his summer (and winter)whites. He will have on a sash, and the skull cap, and the big cross. He may even sit on the big chair with the upside down cross on it.

Speaking of which, I notice that the upside down cross sets the conspiracy theorists into high gear. There is much writing on the Internet to the effect it is a satanic symbol. I'm not Catholic, but the obvious explanation would seem to me to be that it is the "chair of Peter" and Peter asked to be crucified upside down as he was not worthy to emulate Christ in death. If you are Catholic, or know about this, let me know.

Women must wear longer dresses and closed toed shoes. Exposed toes could set off all kinds of bad behavior at the Vatican.

It would be funny if the President responded with a dress code saying the Pope must wear a dark suit and shoes, no robes. And skull caps may not be worn indoors. But he won't, because he is more humble than the other guy.

The real kicker is: women reporters must wear veils in the Pope's presence. Wow. Veils. Like the Muslims. Hmm.
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