Wednesday, December 14, 2005

One of my favorite moments of last year was Al Gore’s giving an impassioned outdoor speech on global warming. I enjoyed it because he gave it during a snow storm.

Now, it appears that December is headed toward becoming one of the 10 coldest Decembers in the last 100 years. The only thing better than that, is that this information comes out right after a U.N. conference on climate change this week, that claimed the Earth is getting warmer. Of course, they blamed most of it on the United States. Bill Clinton even joined the criticism. No doubt he thinks his wife would fix this if she were in the White House. (If they get in, will they bring back the furniture they stole?)

Joe Bastardi is a senior meteorologist with He said weather patterns across the country show below-normal temperatures. Still colder forecasts are coming.

Get a load of these temperatures: 17.5 degrees below normal in Omaha; 14.1 degrees below normal in Indianapolis;13.9 degrees below normal in Chicago; and 11.9 degrees below normal in Denver. If that is global warming, I do not want to experience global cooling.
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