Saturday, December 03, 2005

Two Swiss women have sued the Hotel Pennsylvania in Manhattan. They were repeatedly were bitten by bedbugs during their week long stay. My question is: why would you stay a week if you were being constantly bitten by bugs?

The women had to have medical treatment in the form of antibiotic shots. It today’s world, I should probably say injections instead of shots. People will be lining up to be bitten so they can get free drinks.

At least they did not need a face transplant. A French woman who was attacked by a dog needed one after her nose and lips were torn off in the attack. So, doctors in Amiens, France, transplanted tissue, muscles, arteries and veins from a brain-dead donor to the attack victim. I hope she does well.

I saw a movie about this once, where John Travolta got Nicholas Cage’s face and vice versa. As I remember, it was hard on Cage’s on screen girl friend. I thought I might ask Robert Redford for his face when he no longer needs it. The Little Woman has always been inordinately attracted to it.
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