Sunday, April 23, 2006

In Demand pay television will show a seance to reach John Lennon in the afterlife. It will cost you $9.95 to find out what Lennon has to say. As you might expect, I don't care what Lennon has to say at $9.95 or any other price, including their paying me $9.95 to listen.

A previous show by the same people featured a seance to reach Princess Diana. Evidently Princess Di had other plans; they did not contact her. Since she was sick of being hounded by the press in life, why would she want to talk to them in death? Nonetheless, the show earned about $8 million.

Some of Lennon's friends think this is a tasteless effort to profit from his death, which was 25 years ago. Gee, you think? But, then again, what has Yoko Ono been doing for the last quarter century.

I think the only thing interesting Lennon might have to say is that the words to Imagine were wrong: there is a hell.
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