Thursday, April 20, 2006


Here are some additional points about the "Gospel of Judas".

1. There is no original Greek text available. The only translation is from the Coptic translation. None of the theologians pushing this book read Coptic. They are relying on the translation of non-theologians and working from that English text. That standard would never pass scrutiny in Biblical theology.

2. This manuscript dates only to 300 A. D. It is still removed a good distance from the events it attempts to portray.

3. Gnostics emerged in the middle of the 2nd century. There is no 1st century evidence of them. So, it is not evidence that Christianity was pluralistic.

4. There is no proof this document is the same as the one referred to by Iraneus in 180 A. D.

5. Judas did not write it, the writer just used his name.
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